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Indoor Air Quality in New Waterford, OH

Pet owners are all too aware of the health implications of dander, fur, and other allergens. NDC Heating & Cooling not only offers the best heating and cooling services in New Waterford, OH, but we can also drastically improve the quality of air in your home or business. Having a comfortable environment is essential for at-home comfort, as well as workplace productivity. Breathe freely again when you choose us as your HVAC contractor.

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Why is Your Indoor Air Quality Important?

Indoor air can be a breeding ground for harmful contaminants that can trigger colds, the flu, allergies, sinus congestion, and asthma attacks. If you’ve noticed mold, mildew, smelly odors, moisture stains/residue on the walls and ceilings, or other environmental hazards, you will benefit from our indoor air quality products. If you don’t take care of your environment, your health and overall quality of life will decline.

Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Indoor Air Quality Product Installations

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What We Offer

NDC Heating & Cooling offers life-changing indoor air quality products, including air cleaners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Our technicians will inspect your property and determine which product is needed to improve your indoor air quality. If your home or business has too much dry air, it can lead to cracked wood, static shock, and dry skin, but air that is too moist can lead to bacteria and mold growth. We’ll ensure your home or business continues to have a balanced humidity level for total comfort.

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High-Quality Products

We’re proud to be one of the only HVAC contractors in the area offering wonderful indoor air quality products from industry-leading brands including Honeywell®, Aprilaire®, and REME Halo®. These brands will help you achieve perfect environmental balance and guarantee working longevity. 

Keep Your Home or Business Comfortable

Try indoor air quality products from NDC Heating & Cooling. With our financing options, keeping your home or business properly balanced has never been easier! Call us today for more information about our products.

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