Reliable Furnace Replacement Services

As many homeowners know, furnaces do not last forever, and eventually, you will have to replace the worn-out equipment. A well-maintained furnace can last around fifteen years. When it comes time to replace your furnace, give NDC Heating & Cooling a call. We are New Waterford’s trusted source for furnace replacement services. No matter how old or worn your system is, our team can help you select a new heating system replacement and have it installed in no time. In addition to replacement services, we also stock a large selection of Lennox furnaces, heat pumps and boilers. At NDC Heating & Cooling, we are your all-in-one furnace replacement services.

New Waterford’s Trusted Source for New Heating Systems

At NDC Heating & Cooling, we maintain a fantastic selection of products that are sure to fit your heating needs. Our diverse heating product selection is sure to meet the needs of any home regardless of size or age. Give us a call to learn more about the products we carry and to schedule an in-home equipment estimate!

We Proudly Install the Following Heating Products

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Oil Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Ductless Split Systems
  • Heat Pumps

When is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Not only is it more cost effective to have a properly functioning heating system, but it is imperative to the health and safety of your family. Are you familiar with the basic warnings that your furnace is in need of replacement? The age of the system, increasing energy bills, frequent repairs, change in color of the burner flame on gas furnaces, strange noises, a decrease in moisture in the air of the home, and family members feeling sick can be tell-tale signs that you are in need of a new heating system. If you have any questions or concerns about the performance of your current equipment, give us a call.

How to Pick a New Furnace

Choosing a new heating system does not have to be an overwhelming task. In fact, with a little guidance and a personable HVAC technician, the process can be rather simple. Just keep in mind what is most important to your home and family, and you won’t go wrong.

What to Look For in a Furnace

Energy Savings

System efficiencies range from 80%-98%, the higher the efficiency the greater the energy savings.

Temperature Control

Furnaces come with various types of motors including a basic PSC to a more advanced ECM. Furnaces with ECM variable-speed motors give you greater control over airflow, therefore reducing temperature swings and energy usage.

Zoned System

A zoned system offers you the flexibility to heat different areas of your home to different temperatures compared to a non-zoned system where you heat the entire home to the same temperature greatly increasing the likelihood of temperature swings.


If you’re looking for the latest in technology including features such as remote system monitoring, advanced programming, efficiency reporting, service alerts and reminders, as well as system diagnostics - ask a sales associate to tell you more about our communicating line of heating products.


If your heating system is located in a high traffic area of your home, the overall noise level of the system may be of importance to you. We offer a full line of systems that range from that comparable to a vacuum cleaner to those that are quiet as a whisper.


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We have such a diversity of products, we are certain that you will be able to find the perfect system that not only meets the specific needs of your family, but also fits well within your budget.  Call NDC to schedule a consultation today!

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