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Triple digit temperatures in the summer can be excruciating, and nothing beats coming home to a cool place of refuge. If you find yourself in need of an air conditioning contractor in East Liverpool, NDC Heating & Cooling is here to help! We can design the perfect cooling system for your home, or simply make minor repairs to your existing unit to maximize performance. Whatever it takes, let us help you beat the heat!

East Liverpool Air Conditioner Repair

Comfort restoration is the specialty at NDC Heating & Cooling. We know how important it is that your home be a place of safety and refuge. That is why we offer the best air conditioner service and repair in East Liverpool. Our team stands ready around the clock to meet the cooling needs of our friends and neighbors. Don’t let another hot day drag you down! Call NDC today!

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5 star rated! They are very professional from the word go, I can’t say enough about them. I just bought a central air conditioning from them I would recommend them for all your hvac needs. Top notch people.

-Ken Pasco

AC Installation in East Liverpool

The AC runs all day and all night, but your house just isn’t staying cool, driving your energy bills through the roof. What do you do? You give NDC Heating & Cooling a call! We are the leader in AC installation in East Liverpool. We have some of the best products in the industry. Quit throwing your hard earned money out the window in utility costs! Get a free estimate on a new energy efficient cooling system now!

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